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[LYRICS] Tough Cookie - Zico

Hello to all the ignorant fools

Who still throw me nasty looks

Too bad for you

Block B swept all the charts

We were handed the trophy

Without sajaegi1, I made it

Performance contracts and featuring requests

I wasn’t sure how to reject them

I’m the top of idol rappers

Fuck, I ain’t no snake’s head2

My competition is elsewhere

Nothing in the broadcast networks

J-Tong hyung who was my hater

Recruited me into Buckwilds

During the lawsuit I was contacted

Many times by big agencies

Honestly, I’m comfortable in a wild environment

To a company’s care, I say “No Thanks”

I’m always running, never satisfied

I’m totally gone, drunk man3

I’ll make you wet your underwear

Don’t try to stop me, ever

There’s no expiration date to my walk of life

In all eternity, I won’t ever rest4

You confess that,

"You have no glory days", why?

My flow is fierce5

So the situation is over and dealt with

Draw attention, I’m clearing my name

That was tarnished

While taking part in Hallyu

I get looks of longing, what!

I’m not

Your friend

And I’m not

Your family

I’m not

Your peer

Bite me wrong6

And all your teeth might fall out









Bite me wrong

And all your teeth might fall out

1 Sajaegi is the practice of companies buying or hiring others to buy bulks of their product to boost sales numbers

2 The original proverb is that “It is better to be a snake’s head than a dragon’s tail”, meaning it’s better to be the best in a weaker/smaller group than the bottom of a stronger group. The English equivalent would be, “It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond”. My interpretation is that Zico is saying he’s not in the small/weak group at all.

3 Word play. “Satisfied” or “settled” is the same word as “snacks that go with alcohol”. If you don’t eat while or before drinking, you can get really drunk.

4 Can be read as “I won’t ever rest” or “I won’t ever spoil”

5 Can also be read as “You have no balls” why? Because my flow castrates

6 “To bite” also means to talk smack about someone.

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl

Source: Margo PD’s Youtube

Please take out translation with full credit.

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