The BabyBlue♥
I am me. anywhere and anytime.
Officially retarded and a mess. I might be weird but it's me. do not judge!

"Some people are uncomfortable with silences. Not me. I’ve never cared much for call and response. Sometimes I will think of something to say and then I ask myself: is it worth it? And it just isn’t."  - Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (via splitterherzen)

i dont know when i become the current me. i have big trust issue over people who started worrying me and care to me.
i want to back to me years ago when i really trust people on my surrounding.
i dont take simpatic words and act like you care irk me as well.
i really am a mess.

the least i need rn is get scolded bc i cant take care of my self. i really do take care of my self but im still a human who have weakness and capable to fall sick.

엄마 그리울 때 말 하고싶다지만 멋해




Siwon & Hangeng First Meet Up Since 2009


Everything is so perfect about this..the way Han Geng slowly extending out his hand, the way Siwon grabs on to it, the way they look at each other, the way they smile at each other, and the crazy sworn brother hand shake.. Every second is exactly the way it’s supposed to be..